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Monthly Article October 2022

“Pressed down, shaken together

and flowing over”

The pulpit isn’t a place to allow the Rector to share his own political views and neither is this newsletter. And I’m sure that those of you who know me well will attest to the fact that I have very broad views on politics and don’t particularly fly the flag of any colour of brand.

The government’s decision recently to reduce the tax burden on those who we would all deem to be rich and make very little allowance for the poorest amongst us, in order to stimulate growth, I have to say has raised my eyebrows more than a little. The plans may well work, but our obligations to the poorest amongst us must be always at the forefront of our minds. Jesus didn’t say blessed are the poor- he said, blessed are the poor in spirit- totally different. Borrowing hundreds of billions on the money markets to subside tax cuts for the top few percent of earners has to be a questionably moral decision. Filling up the reservoir of those who have already plenty whilst leaving those on Universal Credit with the fear of a winter ahead with a choice of food or heat or neither?

But we give the government space to see whether their adventurous plans will succeed.

It’s important for us all as Christians to have the poor at the foremost of our minds- they have least voice, least power to enable any change for themselves and become so often the victim of the more powerful who will look primarily after themselves.

We need to ramp up our support of food banks over the coming few months. There will be a huge demand over this winter for help with even the basics of living from those unable to manage and I know that although most of our churches regularly give items for distribution, either through Salvation Army at Gainsborough or Scunthorpe Foodbank, I think it would be good for us all to reconsider our giving to such sources. “A Can can make a difference”. One item a week given per person across our villages will make a difference to those who will be lacking this winter.

I’d encourage us all to drop off at one of the local collection points an item, maybe once a week, that can then be shared with those who don’t have. The Co-Op has a shared access point and Holy Trinity has a collection point too and is open Tuesday’s and Friday’s. Or if you’d like to call me on the number below I’ll arrange for collection from you.


It's in the measure of our generosity that we will receive in return, “pressed down, shaken together and flowing over” as the bible says.


Revd David Swannack


01724 647789


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