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Monthly Article June 2019

May 14, 2019

Come and Celebrate With Us!

Birthdays and anniversaries are wonderful occasions. I’m not sure how many birthdays you have had and whether you are prepared to admit to them, but they are usually occasions of joy and gathering of families and friends, especially when they are significant ones, such as golden weddings, eighteenth birthdays, or even anniversaries of a couples first meeting.

You might have heard on the news recently of the presumed orphan boy from the middle east who was brought over from abroad for treatment after a chemical attack, but who has just recently, some decades later, discovered that he wasn’t an orphan and that his mother didn’t know he was still alive- and when re-united she advised him that he is actually three years older than he thought he was!

Our birthdays and birth dates are of importance to us- not least because it was that day when we arrived on that great stage we know as life!!

At Holy Trinity Church we would like to invite you to join us for a celebration this June. On June 16th this year, Trinity Sunday, we will be celebrating the fact that we have been here for 800 years!! Not the church community as it now is, that is, or even the wonderful stone and slate building that has stood here for centuries, but it is the 800th anniversary of the first recording of a Christian presence here in Messingham, with my predecessor, Hugh, first Vicar of Messingham, in 1219!

And so on our ’Feast of Title’ , June 16th at 10:30am, we will be holding a special service to celebrate that fact, along with thanksgiving for the replacement roof that you will no doubt have observed been going on over the last 12 months, paid for largely by those wonderful people at Heritage Lottery Fund. After the service, and at about 12:00 midday, we will be sharing in a light lunch and playing family games and generally ‘having fun’ in and around the church. You are very welcome to come along, bring your family if you like, and share in our celebrations and food together.

If you can’t make the service, please feel free to come and join us at what time you can and share in our special birthday!!

Revd David Swannack

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