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Monthly Article July 2019

Jun 11, 2019

Put your hand in the hand……

I had occasion the other day to attend a meeting that had a wide variety of age groups in, but predominantly teenagers. The room was buzzing and full of excitement and anticipation. It was the ‘parents and students guide to UCAS applications’ (as I called it) put on by John Leggott College for all the 17 year old students who were considering applying to university in the autumn. I was there as the father of an also nervous and yet excited 17 year old, my son.

I sat at the back and was in a slightly elevated position, so was able to cast my eye over the audience, about 200 in total, of parents/guardians and students. There was a palpable sense of hope and optimism in the room. Not just because of the desire for a successful application to further education, but for me what seemed like that youthful knowledge that life was ahead and that the world hadn’t quite yet woken up to the fact that you were about to arrive on its stage! I can remember that feeling myself when I was that age. I’m sure you can too.

My life has taken many paths and there are some routes that I have taken that wouldn’t have been part of ‘the plan’ had I been able to articulate it when in sixth form- but nonetheless take their place in that story that I know as my life. Some of those things have been fabulous- others have been very challenging. Again, I’m sure your life can testify to the same.

Gene MacLellan wrote a gospel song in the late 60’s called “Put Your Hand in the Hand (of The Man From Galilee)”. I thought of that song whilst watching the students scribbling down the ‘next steps’ they were to take on their journey, hopefully to university. The Psalms tells us that “He leads us..”(Ps 23) and “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” (Ps 32:8) I wish that I’d really understood that when I was a teenager, although I do look back and can testify to God’s care over my life these many years. I invite you, as the song says, to put your trust afresh in the one who can guide and lead us and knows the end from the beginning. “Put your hands in the hands of the man who stilled the water, put your hands in the hands of the man who calmed the sea”. A good lesson for life- however young or old we are.

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