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Monthly Article February 2020

Jan 18, 2020

A Rock to rely upon?

Well, what a December and January we have had! What winter you may have thought! With warmer temperatures than in some late springs, you might have been forgiven for being a hedgehog or tortoise waking up early, popping your head out of your hibernation and thinking what on earth is going on! The weather is quite unreliable at the moment!

Not that it’s only the weather- I’ve just got through my 4th kettle in five years! It seems like nothing we buy these days is made to last, and unreliability is built into our consumer society, so that in ever shorter cycles we are required to purchase yet again another white good or electrical item!

Fidelity- faithfulness- reliability- certainty. Not qualities that, despite the many great advances in our 21st century world, we can be confident of.

And yet, one thing that we can rely upon as we enter into Spring 2020 and all that it holds for us, is God’s faithfulness to us. He is utterly reliable and certain. He will be there for us any and every time that we need Him. No one year consumer guarantee required here!!

The writer of the Psalms, some 2700 years ago said this:

“Give thanks to God and praise Him. The Lord is good; his love is eternal and his faithfulness lasts forever” (Psalm 100 v5).

Whatever our experience of life- work, people, family, friends- some faithful and reliable and some not- one thing we can be sure of in the spring and year ahead is that, whatever life may bring to us, God is faithful in His love towards us and we can be ABSOLUTELY sure that He will be there for us, with His love ever toward us and His faithfulness a rock on which we can rely.


Revd David Swannack, Rector, South Manlake Group of Churches, (01724) 647789.

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