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Monthly Article March 2020

Feb 22, 2020

Joy comes in the morning!

I find it hard to believe how blessed I am. To live in such a beautiful part of the world. It was only the other morning that I was driving towards Scotton and Northorpe and looking up to what is an endless sky and space above me, only to see what must have been the most beautiful sunrise. We may not have the largest mountain range in the world on our doorstep, or ocean’s lapping along our local foreshore with white sands and pebbles to walk along, but we do have what must be the most beautiful of skies to behold when we face east and the sun happens to be coming up on a frosty and icing sugar coated morning, not that we have seen anything other than grey skies and flooded fields recently!

And as I walked around my garden trying to put together my ‘to do’ list of preparatory work ready for the arrival of spring, I was reminded of the season we are entering by the appearing of scattered pockets of snowdrops and daffodil shoots. Truly we are well on the way to spring and what is currently Lent heading into Easter- the most wonderful season of all.

In our culture, Lent and Easter doesn’t come with the paraphernalia of Christmas presents, parties and an endless round of cards to send. But what the new shoots that are appearing in this season brings with it is the reminder that death is not the end. That life is a gift from God and nothing can overcome it. That whatever winter we may have had, there is always an end to it and the hope of something warmer and more colourful and fruitful to come. That when Jesus died on Good Friday, it was followed by a triumphant resurrection on Easter Day. That the loneliness He felt on the cross and the sense of loss that His friends and followers felt when He was betrayed by a friend, would be replaced by the joy of a reunion and renewal days later. A reminder for us all that whatever comes our way, that God is in control of all; that good always overcomes evil; that although night may appear, joy will come in the morning; that whatever winter we may feel is upon our lives today, there is always that sweet sense of hope and a future when we turn to Him in the winter of our lives.  

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