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The first organ in Holy Trinity Church, by Forster and Andrews, was installed in 1866. It was replaced in 1908 by another Forster and Andrews instrument; it is thought that this was second hand, but it's origin is currently unknown. The original instrument was installed in the former Baptist Church at nearby Kirton in Lindsey. The 1908 organ was repositioned at least once, latterly in a side chapel North of the chancel. Unfortunately this space was acoustically inadequate and afforded little contact with choir or congregation. After the installation of the present organ the parts were sold to a private buyer in Harrogate and subsequently dispersed.

The present organ, a fine example of the work of Albert Keates of Sheffield, is situated at the east end of the south aisle. It was bought from Sothall Methodist Church, Beighton (near Sheffield), rebuilt by T.L. Jubb of Knaith Park (near Gainsborough), and rededicated on 23rd April 1977. It has 15 speaking stops and 4 couplers spread over two 61 - note manuals, and a 30 - note pedal department. It is adequate to accompany a large congregation, and has enough tonal variety for recital work. Alan Phillips (FRCO), local organist, considers it "the finest village organ within a large radius".

The organ has accompanied RSCM (Royal School of Church Music) choral gatherings and featured in IAO (Incorporated Association of Organist) meetings and other musical events; but being entirely on floor level, and with space at each side, it is especially favourable to teaching. several youngsters whose early instruction was here have gone on to be Organ Scholars at Oxbridge, a famous Minster and even a Cathedral.

Detailed specification of current organ

Pedal 1 Bourdon 16  
  2 Flute Bass 8 by extension from no.1
Great 3 Open Diapason 8  
  4 Stopt Diapason 8  
  5 Dulciana 8  
  6 Principal 4  
  7 Harmonic Flute 4  
Swell 8 Double Diapason 16  
  9 Open Diapason 8  
  10 Rohr Flote 8  
  11 Viole d'Orchestre 8  
  12 Voix Celestes 8 to Tenor C
  13 Gemshorn 4  
  14 Cornopean 8  
  15 Oboe 8  
Couplers   Great to Pedal    
    Swell to Pedal    
    Swell to Great    
    Swell Superoctave    
2 Composition pedals to Great    
2 Composition pedals to Swell    
Central balanced Swell pedal    
Pedals radiating and concave    
Action Mechanical manuals and pedal couplers
  Electric pedal speaking stops
Wind pressure 3.5 inches  
Case front from a disused organ in Staveley, near Chesterfield




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